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Nov 30Thank you. What’s Next?
Nov 25d20Monkey: Fin
Nov 24Epilogue: Sam and Amy
Nov 23Epilogue: Brett and Jeanie
Nov 20Epilogue: Charlie and Trevor
Nov 19Epilogue: Carlos and Dallas
Nov 17Father and Sons
Nov 16Brothers
Nov 13Hospital
Nov 11I Hope it Looks Cool
Nov 10Wait for It
Nov 9Childhood Hero
Nov 5The Form of the Destructor
Nov 3Three Little Words
Oct 30We’ll Need That
Oct 29I Will Stay Down Here
Oct 27I Have Always Been Here
Oct 26You Tried Once
Oct 23At the Bottom
Oct 22The Descent
Oct 21Heyyyyyy Handsome
Oct 20Disarmed
Oct 19Final Form
Oct 16Protecting and Serving
Oct 15A Mantle Restored
Oct 14Smile for the Birdie
Oct 13Unfinished “Bidness”
Oct 12Judgment Delivered
Oct 9Judgment is Nigh
Oct 8Fight and Flight of the Valkyrie
Oct 7Sudden and Inevitable
Oct 6Mama Bares Her Teeth
Oct 5Klaus for Concern
Oct 2Do You See What I See?
Sep 30The Nature of Things
Sep 28In the Court of Seasons
Sep 25Season Greeting
Sep 23Follow Me
Sep 21Party Selected
Sep 18Dallas Makes a Perception Check
Sep 17Gather Your Party
Sep 15Summons
Sep 11Elsewhere Once More
Sep 10Stop in the Name of the Drawl
Sep 7The Collision
Sep 4Moments Before the Collision
Sep 3Oh N-Ogre
Sep 1Five-Oh
Aug 28Urk
Aug 27Brawl
Aug 24This is the Duo You Never Knew You Wanted
Aug 21Oh Snap!
Aug 19True Form
Aug 17A Lack of Focus
Aug 14Coming Into Focus Now
Aug 12Meanwhile in the Back Room
Aug 10Of Explosions and Impacts
Aug 7The Face of the Enemy
Aug 5A Patron… But Not the Good Kind
Aug 3Don’t Go
Jul 31Meanwhile at the Food Truck
Jul 29Getting Worse
Jul 27Curbside Delivery
Jul 24Let Them Fight
Jul 22Getting the Drop
Jul 20Disconnected
Jul 17A Quiet Moment
Jul 15Charlie is Feline Fine, Honest
Jul 13Happy Birthday, Charlie
Jul 10Reach Out and Touch Someone
Jul 6As the College Youths Say
Jul 3There Are No Small Spells
Jul 1Sixth String Black Ops
Jun 29Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy
Jun 26Teacher’s Fret
Jun 24Questions, Questions, and Questions
Jun 22Arcane Theory
Jun 19Editors Did Not Tamper With This
Jun 12Tubin’
Jun 10When I Say We Flip, We Flip
Jun 8Kickin’ It
Jun 5Dead Drop… In
Jun 1Roll for Flirt
May 29Not *Stalling* on This Reveal
May 27Talkin’ Plop
May 22Restroom Confessional
May 20The Worst Bus Line
May 18That Isn’t a Pass Anyone Wants
May 15Ghosts of Gamers Past
May 13Gasp and Gulp
May 11Still Punning
May 8I Have a Pun Problem
May 6Birthday Boy
May 1The Ultimate Poker Face
Apr 29Being a GM is Magic
Apr 27Shattered Honor – Epilogue Part Three
Apr 22Shattered Honor – Epilogue Part-Two
Apr 20Shattered Honor – Epilogue Part One
Apr 17Shattered Honor – Part One-Hundred
Apr 15Shattered Honor – Part Ninety-Nine
Apr 13Shattered Honor – Part Ninety-Eight
Apr 10Shattered Honor – Part Ninety-Seven
Apr 8Shattered Honor – Part Ninety-Six
Apr 6Shattered Honor – Part Ninety-Five
Apr 3Shattered Honor – Part Ninety-Four
Apr 1Shattered Honor – Part Ninety-Three
Mar 30Shattered Honor – Part Ninety-Two
Mar 27Shattered Honor – Part Ninety-One
Mar 25Shattered Honor – Part Ninety
Mar 23Shattered Honor – Part Eighty-Nine
Mar 20Shattered Honor – Part Eighty-Eight
Mar 18Shattered Honor – Part Eighty-Seven
Mar 16Shattered Honor – Part Eighty-Six
Mar 13Shattered Honor – Part Eighty-Five
Mar 11Shattered Honor – Part Eighty-Four
Mar 9Shattered Honor – Part Eighty-Three
Mar 2Shattered Honor – Part Eighty-Two
Feb 28Shattered Honor – Part Eighty-One
Feb 26Shattered Honor – Part Eighty
Feb 24Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-Nine
Feb 21Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-Eight
Feb 14Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-Seven
Feb 7Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-Six
Feb 5Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-Five
Feb 3Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-Four
Jan 31Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-Three
Jan 27Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-Two
Jan 24Shattered Honor – Part Seventy-One
Jan 22Shattered Honor – Part Seventy
Jan 20Shattered Honor – Part Sixty-Nine
Jan 17Shattered Honor – Part Sixty-Eight
Jan 15Shattered Honor – Part Sixty-Seven
Jan 13Shattered Honor – Part Sixty-Six
Jan 10Shattered Honor – Part Sixty-Five
Jan 8Shattered Honor – Part Sixty-Four
Jan 6Shattered Honor – Part Sixty-Three
Jan 3Shattered Honor – Part Sixty-Two