Thirteen offerings (with an epilogue to come) and the Dread arc winds down with a bittersweet T.P.K for the group.

I know that I did not delve into a word for word description of the rules but I’m hearing a lot of people excited to take Dread for a spin themselves and that makes me giddy. I love to get excited about games, feature them in this comic, and hopefully get you excited too. I’d like to thank Epidah and Nat for their support as well (not just with prize support but their kind words). That is huge to me. I love your game, guys and rest assured that I will be singing it’s praises for years to come.

I have to say, I truly enjoyed this arc but I realize (especially after the comments in the previous comic) that this story turned a few folks off. I’m no stranger to people disagreeing with my ideas and I’ve seen the harsh end of trolling, so I can handle that. Of course, I hate to turn people away but I believe that 99% of you realize and support the notion that while d20monkey is about jokes, gaming, geeks, and the occasional pixelated wang there will be times I try something new. Doing so led to the Innsmouth Garden Society, Brett Klaus, and Larry the DM. If you cannot accept that, well I’m sorry and I wish you well finding comics that float your boat.

For those who are digging it, I’ll see you on Monday.

About 2 weeks remain on the d20Monkey: First Edition Kickstarter and we are in for the initial goal and 3 stretch goals! It still kills me every time I open the Kickstarter page. Next week I shall put the finished cover and sketches for the GM screen on display for all to see.