New glasses for Mel and a little bit of throwback on her hair. She is taking Sam’s advice and trying to get her swag back.

Reapermas arrived for me a few weeks ago and HOOOOOOOOLY SHIT there are a lot of minis. It’s awesome to have a lot of minis to paint but at the same time, it IS a bit of a curse from the “when do I find the time” side of things.

The 9 inch Cthulhu is fucking amazing and my players should be terrified as I have one simple rule “If I own the mini, I have to use the mini”.

Today is also the last day to get in on the Bards are Awesome pre-sale to guarantee that I will have your size in stock. I will have extras but they tend to go quickly.

Update: Some folks have asked exactly what the package looked like when it arrived, so here are a few pics I snapped for my Twitter page.