And today I present the often-used palette cleanser between arcs: No Context Theatre.

Now I am going to type some things…

So first up, the last arc touched on a lot of things I have wanted to do for a while. I revealed some things about Carlos’ backstory, maybe started some new things with Dallas, introduced Josie, and laid a bit of groundwork on things with Trevor. A commenter pointed out that at the beginning of the arc I talked about full-page spreads and supers action but did not deliver that. He’s right. I didn’t. I got into this thread and once I got around the outer edges of it, I decided to not hint that much and dive right in. It DID change things and I should have said it was doing so sooner. I try not to do that too much but it happened. I am pleased with the arc. Full stop.

It is Gen Con week but I am not there for the second year in a row. It sucks but such is how things go sometimes. Maybe next year will see the return of d20Monkey & Dick Jokes. Maybe. That said, on the posting front I have this strip and then possibly one more for Friday to serve as a go-between before I drop right into the Andromeda-X in-game arc on Monday. As a side note, I think I will retitle this arc to something else to avoid confusion for folks who arrive looking for the Andromeda-X story arc.(update: I did. It is Old Wounds now thanks to Fred Hicks suggestion).

I am always learning here and my lesson with this arc is to just make the comic, make the changes I want to make, and keep teaser announcements to a minimum because life can happen and change all of your plans.

See you on Friday (update: I was in a car accident, so the next comic was posted on Monday).