Today Tracy Hurley (more commonly known as Sarah Darkmagic) makes an appearance in today’s comic. For the purposes of this tale, Tracy will be signing at the Dragon’s Den alongside Dallas Noble. Tracy is a freelance RPG designer, blogger, and podcaster on the DM Roundtable (along with Randall Walker who has appeared here before). I would apologize to Tracy publicly for the emotional scarring caused by sharing a comic with Larry but I think she knew what she was getting herself into.

Some folks have asked me what the criteria is (if any) for the guest appearances by folks from the D&D community. To be honest, there is no firm guideline aside from the following:

1. Be good people

2. I have an idea of how the guest star appears and it makes sense for the comic.

Beyond that it is pretty loose. It’s not something I’ll do all the time but when it strikes me funny, I’ll reach out to folks who have expressed an interest.

Wednesday brings the next installment. See you then!