There are some characters in a Call of Cthulhu campaign where you get the feeling that something went off the rails during character creation.

This week I am heading to GenCon. Normally I would have a buffer built up but between my day job and buckling down to ship out Kickstarter rewards, I just didn’t have the hours in the day. This may rub some folks the wrong way but I had to make a choice. I hate to miss updates but I am not going to compromise this arc or any other just to post something half-ass. I can’t do that.

Comics will resume NEXT MONDAY on August 19th. 

After that, we’re back to business as usual and this arc picks up steam.

Oh, and with the Kickstarter rewards shipped out I can now, in good conscience, offer d20Monkey: First Edition in the online store!

To say that it is an amazing feeling would be a gross understatement. I keep looking over at my desk to see my copy sitting there and I have these little moments where I still have trouble believing it’s real.

– Brian