You’ve been there: The encounter is over, the enemies are defeated, and the treasure distribution begins when the rogue in the group announces his “dibs” on the magic staff. Sure, the DM placed that staff in the treasure hoard for the wizard in the party but the rogue does not give two shits. He saw it first and he’s already writing it down on his character sheet with a red ink pen to ensure the permanency of his “claim”.


Eagle-eyed readers might notice the Zombie Roomie poster in the background. John Wigger is good people. Stop in over at his site today and take a look around.

Today is Gary Gygax’s birthday. If you love this D&D and the entire genre it’s creation evolved into, take a moment today to remember Gary.

If I could ever create something that touches one-quarter of the lives that D&D has, I would consider myself a lucky man. Gary left behind a true legacy.