Update from the Future: When this one went up, I had one plan in mind but at the 11th-hour, I opted to make a change and tell more of a story based on long-term development with Carlos. So, it did turn out differently when I got into the arc than originally planned. Sorry for the folks who were here while it was posting and felt let down. I try my best to avoid those feelings but I cannot always do that.

Update: Disabled comments on this post.

It’s true! Beginning next week, Carlos/I will introduce the group to his supers home-brew campaign setting; the alternate-Earth of Andromeda X.

Andromeda X (Pronounced Andromeda-Ex) is a world of superheroes, aliens, technology, and action with a few things that (in my opinion) set it apart from conventional supers settings. It is big, bright action grounded in a few key elements of realism. This will make more sense when we get into it, but just like when Sam introduced Karthun, I will be presenting a page on Monday that lays out the basic overview of what Andromeda X is, with regards to history and the current status quo.

I have been working on this for a while and I am excited to dive in. The pages planned for this arc will some of my most-ambitious work to date, as I move over to actual comic-size format for this arc, and I hope you dig it. I am really pushing on this one.

For the folks wondering about the rules system mentioned, Carlos will be using a modified version of Fate Accelerated (or FAE) from Evil Hat Productions.

I will get into the Andromeda X-specific mods next week but right I feel really good about them.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you are as excited about this as I am.