Hello all! As you can see, I am taking a little break from the current Karthun arc for the holidays. I will be on the road a lot this holiday season and to be honest, I kind of need a little break to recharge my batteries. It has been a stressful year. I will cover this and what is coming up in 2016 with my State of the Monkey post around January 1st, so keep an eye on the site and social media for that.

I will be taking a break from December 23rd thru January 4th. The Karthun arc resumes on January 6th and then the Christmas arc follows for a part of January. After that, maybe IGS? We’ll see…

In the meantime, I thought I would leave everyone a little gift with this Reroll certificate. Every year I like to give the players in my group a cool metagame certificate for being awesome. This year, I am not GMing for anyone at Christmas so I thought I would make a cert for everyone, GMs and players alike. Feel free to print these and give them to your players or your GM (ballsy, go for it. I dare you).

Merry Christmas, everyone and thank you for reading.


Grab the hi-res red certificate file here:


Grab the hi-res and printer friendly B/W certificate here: