This may seem like the obligatory Diablo 3 comic but I think you guys will begrudge me a bit.

I took some time for myself on the 4th of July and FINALLY got around to playing Diablo 3. I bought it on launch day but never really had the time to sit down and play it so I decided to celebrate the day by having a nice quiet night of reading comics, eating a burger, and playing some Diablo. I know, it’s all hookers and blow over here.

There are a ton of reviews out there for Diablo 3 that will do the job better than I, so I will keep it simple: As a fan of the series, I am not disappointed. Diablo 3 is fun, easy to remember (or pick up the first time), and the story is interesting. Sure, I hate that I HAVE to be connected to the internet to play but it is what it is. I’m glad I own it and I am excited to finish the playthrough on normal and move into the harder difficulties.

I am also ready/excited for Torchlight 2. Chomping at the bit for that one, actually.

COMMENTERS: What are you playing lately? Is there something out there you want to tell everyone about?