Sam’s line in the third panel breaks me every time I read it.

Today’s gorgeous guest comic arrives courtesy of Javis Ray of Legacy Control a sometimes NSFW comic that covers everything from video games to autobiographical moments in his life.

Javis is in the middle of an arc so I grabbed a stand alone comic to link to but you should go read all of them!

Javis has dipped a toe in the d20Monkey waters once before and I always enjoy his take on the characters. His comic Legacy Control really hits home with me for a few reasons. Chief among these is the evolution of Javis’ characters and his story telling (for example, he is running a long form arc right now) which is always awesome, in my opinion. As a fan, I see it as a reward for being a reader from the early days, watching it develop over time. Not to mention his art style. Holy damn, I love his color work with all of my little heart.

I have one more guest comic lined up for Friday (with a bonus comic in the blog as well) and then we will be back to business as usual on Monday with a new arc. Wooooooo!