This week rolls us toward the end of the super-long, experimental Karthun arc and I have to say that is is a learning experience. As mentioned in previous posts, I have become a fan of long form story telling. Will every arc be as extended as this? Doubtful. I think the sweet spot will be somewhere between this and the Innsmouth Garden Society with several one shots and 2-3 comic arcs in between.

This weekend I asked web mistress Brianna of Nerdette Designs to implement a tip jar function on the site (you may have noticed the new button on the sidebar). I have considered it for a while now and this year more than any other seems to be my year of “life is too short, go for it”. So, the jar is there if you like, the d20Monkey store is still up and running (with new items coming soon), and I’ll be doing a few shows over the course of the year. All in all, I am taking steps forward. Which feels pretty great.

A little bit of lore from todays comic:

Giants (proper old school giants) are all but extinct in Karthun after their brutal war with the Orcish empire of Kragthorn. However, their blood lives on through crossbreeding and lesser giant-kin such as the Kundrok (or Forgeborn). Kundrok are ogres bred and raised in captivity, working the deep forges within the strongholds of the Underlords. Occasionally, Kundrok are sold on the slaver market to the highest bidder (typically to gladiatorial brokers).