With the official D&D Next playtest open as of Thursday, I’ve had a lot of folks as me my two-cents and I will be more than happy to roll into my thoughts on the playtest and my experiences in the closed Friends and Family playtest over the past few months as well (I asked, it’s cool) but I will do that on Monday

This Saturday  I am playing in another D&D Charity Event: Crucible of the Odds II wherein myself and 3 other brave adventurers step into the Crucible of the Gods and test ourselves against the tricks and traps of a brutal Fourthcore adventure. All in the name of fun and raising money for Child’s Play.

Just like before, we are channeling donations straight to CP and everyone who donates will receive some swag courtesy of myself and our DM for the evening, Wesley K. Hall in the form of exclusive digital prints. We will be streaming the event live so come by and enjoy the laughs as we struggle against a near insurmountable task all for the kids.

HERE IS THE LINK TO THE SHOW.  The stream begins at 2 P.M. Central time.

Last time we raised nearly $900 in donations and this time we’re looking to beat it. Doing some math, if a respectable portion of my readers and Twitter followers each donate at least $1 we will beat the record. So I ask you to please consider throwing in on this great cause.

COMMENTERS: How do you think it will all shake out? Do you have predictions or side conditions for your pledges? If I kill Matt Roberts PC will you donate more? I will totally do that.