Larry still kind of pulled backwards Yoda bullshit on Sam but this isn’t something he will take lightly and we’ll see what he does in the coming days/weeks. There will be arcs where the endings are epic (or as epic as I can provide) but the Narrative/Larry arc has always been kind of subtle and I wanted to close this chapter of it in the same way. No explosions or flash and bang. From the moment Larry arrived he said he was here at the order of a DM Council to put Sam through a series of trials, with the end result seeing Sam receive full use of a power called The Narrative. In what some may love or hate, Larry simply took too long getting Sam through the trials. He was here and free from the presumably stuffy life he lives as a member of the DM Council. It’s like he went to Vegas for a business meeting and partied all night instead of going to the actual meeting. Now, the Council has called him back. For now at least, Larry is gone.

As for Larry’s fate…? Hm.

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