This Saturday (2/25/12) a group of brave crusaders enter the halls of the Crucible of the Gods on a mission of dire importance. I am lucky (foolish?) enough to be counted among the brave souls going in to this Fourthcore module and at the final hour the decision was made to raise a few dollars for the Child’s Play charity while braving the traps and dangers within. Counted among the crusaders are myself, Matt Roberts of Nameless PCs, and Jeremy Morgan of Stormin’ Da Castle

So here is the deal:
Our group enters the Crucible of the Gods and attempts to collect the four divine skulls within and complete the session in the time allotted without dying. Don’t take this lightly. As documented, Fourthcore modules hit like a truck and carry a high mortality rate.

  • In the comments section below, you pledge a dollar value you will donate based on the number of skulls we collect ($5 per skull for example) and double that amount if we survive the entire adventure (even if just one of us crosses the finish line alive, success). 
  • Pledge only what you can afford.
  • Once the session is over donate what you pledged to the Child’s Play Charity at this link. 

We will work on the honor system here since it this came together quickly but if you shoot me an email with your donation confirmation (minus sensitive info, of course) and you will receive some cool swag for participating:

  • I will send you a digital print I create just for the people who donate.
  • Sersa Victory will send participants a copy of the Fourthcore Alphabet eBook
  • Wesley K. Hall of Nameless PCs will create a digital print just for the folks who donate.

So there you have it: We delve, you donate, Child’s Play earns a few dollars and you receive some cool and exclusive swag!

The game begins at 3 P.M. (Central Time) on Saturday and we will be Live-Tweeting the game (along with photos and maybe a video) if you would like to follow along!!!

I don’t usually do this but this is for a good cause so if you can, spread the word. Let’s raise some cash for a good cause.