Hey there, Mel.

Melanie has not appeared in d20Monkey for a very long time. She was a member of the gaming group and for a time, she was the focus of a younger Samuel Tigh’s affections and when things (as they so often do) did not end with the storybook ending, it led to some real drama. Between Mel’s angry ex-boyfriend Grey beating the hell out of him, and Mel’s very gentle rejection of being more than friends, Sam went to a bad place and the Evil Sam saga happened.
Things eventually calmed down and Sam and Mel got to a better place, but she soon received a job offer in New York and she left town. Now, she’s here. For how long? How will Sam take seeing her (if her does)? Will Charlie tell anyone? Keep reading.
Mel also receives the benefit of me as an artist in 2020 and not back in the day when I was, admittedly, not great at drawing women. With the IGS series coming later this year, I have been doing a lot of practicing and making some changes to my style that you will see in that work. So, Mel reaps the benefits for now. I am, for the first time, thrilled with how she looks.
And finally… Yes. I WILL be offering that Hello Critty shirt soon.