Today marks the first official day of and I have to say this is a moment of great satisfaction as far as “Grand Openings” go. Sure there are a few loose ends to clean up and some minor tweaks to fix around the site but right now there is a comic strip sitting above this paragraph of text and that is what counts. In the weeks to come, the identities, personalities, personal quirks, and goings on of all involved should come into focus (for good or ill).

If comics with references to gaming, comic books, movies, general purpose geekery, and the occasional dick-joke float your boat I hope you’ll drop by throughout the week to see what the guys are up to (or into).

New strips unfold 3-times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the occasional special event or weekly event. Do you remember the old G.I. Joe mini-series events like the Weather Dominator and the Rise of Serpentor? Like that, except without Quick Kick. What a lame ass and why in the hell is Dusty (the desert survival specialist) always around during the artic missions? The Joes have every kind of artic specialist imaginable with the word “job” in their codename yet there he is, Dusty in a winter parka and his damn desert hat!

Okay enough of that for now. In the meantime, feel free to send emails or tweets and let me know what you think about the strip and site.

Before I go, I have to thank Matt over at for helping with the nuts-and-bolts of the site. I designed the logos, icons, etc. but without his help and the kind folks on the forums, this may not have happened for a while (as I wrapped my head around some CSS).

— Brian