With Tracy “Sarah Darkmagic” in place and the arrival of Dallas Noble, things are about to get real and this story arc proper is underway. I like the implication that while Dallas has fooled all of the boys into believing she is a guy (through her work and lack of public appearances, as this is her first) the gamer ladies of the world are wise to her. Now, Dallas is going public and Tracy is there to lend a hand. Should be interesting.

If you remember Dallas Noble’s first appearance you’ll notice that she (like other cast members) has a new and improved look. Like so many things, time and practice allows styles to evolve and the cartoonist I am now as opposed to the guy I was when she first appeared are markedly different. I realized with this comic in particular that I do not draw enough teenagers or kids in d20monkey. There are good reasons for that but it’s something I need to work on and become comfortable with. I love challenges so this should be a fun exercise. If you’re a fan of Dallas’ butler, Charles don’t worry. You’ll see him before the story wraps up.

I have a guest strip over on Zombie Roomie today. John is in the midst of some travel and asked for a guest strip to fill a spot in the midst of his ongoing story arc. I happily jumped at the chance and I have to tell you, I LOVED drawing John,George, and Drew. I hope the ‘roomie fans liked my contribution. If you came over today after reading it, I hope you’ll take a look through the archives. Be warned: There is are a lot of D&D and dick jokes.

I also have a guest comic up over at Geek-Cred as well. Thadeous is working a social media campaign to get an interview with Wizards of the Coast and asked for some help. I was all to glad to pitch in with a special message for the Wizards residing on the coast