You read that correctly, The Caretaker was once a Knight of Salem (in the days before they lost their shit).

He served the order bravely and without question until the day he met the Librarian, a kind-hearted Witch of the Wood. In the IGS universe Witches of the Wood are protectors of nature, home, and family (specifically children) with covens dotting large forests the eastern United States and across Europe.

Soon after meeting, love blossomed and the couple wed in secret, while the Caretaker pled his case to the Knights. He recognized the difference between evil witchcraft and magic used to protect the lives of innocent children. Sir Montgomery, however, turned a deaf ear to his plea for reason and ordered the Caretaker to slay his wife. When he refused, the Knights turned on the lovers, forcing them to flee their home.

How did they become the Librarian and Caretaker of Witch Hour Hall? How did the Librarian lose her hand? Why is she a ghost? What are their real names?

Spoilers, kids. Spoilers.