This strip marks the beginning of a 3-part Thanksgiving event centered around the group’s adventure within a locale of nefarious deeds and dark, gobbling magic of the turkey variety: The Gobblehaunt.

Readers familiar with old-school D&D may notice similarities between The Gobblehaunt (depicted in the final panel) and another infamous locale in D&D history: The Temple of Elemental Evil.

This cover and the adventure therein is one of my all time favorites and I did my best to do it justice. I am a huge fan of Keith Parkinson’s work. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but I hope that my dopey little tribute makes other fans of his work smile.

You may have also noticed today a logo on Brett’s (usually plain) black t-shirt that reads “Zombie Roomie“.

In case you do not know, Zombie Roomie is a zombie comedy webcomic created by John Wigger and it is pretty fucking funny. Here is the synopsis for the series:

John was looking for someone to split the cost of rent but got more than he bargained for when George, a zombie, became his roommate.

John (Wigger) was also kind enough to swap logo placement with me today, so if you head over there and read the Monday strip you may notice one of his cast members, Zoey, wearing a t-shirt featuring the d20monkey logo. Regardless of mutual logo love, I highly recommend Zombie Roomie. Check it out.

— Brian