And with this comic the arc comes to a close.

The reaction to Sam and Amy has been overwhelmingly positive. Sure, a few folks are not crazy about it. Some feel that Amy hasn’t been in the comic long enough to warrant it. Some hate her quirkiness and confidence. Some hate that they’ve slept together on their first date. All I can say to those folks is that I do my best to present engaging stories and good jokes. In my experience, life isn’t always 3 seasons of flirting and will they/won’t they. Sure, long form romance and shipping is great but sometimes life just grabs you and you dive in. In this case, Sam has decided to dive into the deep end and see what happens. That is a big step for him and I love that so many picked up on that.

I never shy away from criticism and there has been a bit but I am okay with that. I write what I like and hope that folks will enjoy it. I am pretty excited about the prospects of Samy and introducing a little more mature content and I hope it shows in the work to come.

Speaking of that, next week brings a batch of guest comics from folks I respect a great deal while I hunker down to finish the last of my Kickstarter commitments and work ahead on the next arc. It’s November… I think we all know what’s coming.