I recently had the opportunity to play several of the adventure scenarios in the Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game (from Wizards of the Coast). I have to say, everyone had a great time but for me it was especially entertaining. Why? I am a DM. I run every game our group plays, manage all of the campaigns, characters, NPCs, locales, monsters, maps, miniatures, etc. If there is a game running at my house, it is 99% sure to me behind the screen. Don’t get me wrong, I love DMing. The world-building, the stories, the cartography. DMing is a labor of love and I’ve shared a relationship with the DM screen for many, many years now. However, with Wrath I am allowed the opportunity to step out and stand shoulder to shoulder with my players as we explore the depths together.

I was impressed with the production value of the game as well. The tiles, pieces and rules are all top shelf material from Wizards.In regards to the rules, I’ll echo a sentiment many reviewers took with this game: Use it to teach newcomers 4th-edition D&D. I believe the super simple rules and quick play could etice anyone to give conventional D&D a try (dedicated gamer or not).