Since the release of 4e there’s been a lot of talk (at least in the circles I follow) that it is very difficult to kill PCs now. Difficult, yes. Impossible? No. At the core of the game is still comes down to dice rolls and when they turn on you in a hard-hitting encounter bad things are likely to happen.

Truth be told, I just wanted to draw one of the Quitessons from Transformers: The Movie (the animated one).

I am currently working on a pet project: My own edition of D&D. I love 4e but there are some things I’d like to strip away from the core chassis and replace with old school goodness (Crit and Fumble charts, I’m looking at you). People will argue that Essentials answers many of the problems but I am talking about a core game that features the fighter, wizard, rogue, and cleric. Everything else (warlock, paladin, bard, monk, etc.) is merely a build of one of the four core classes. I want to make the game super quick and easy to play. I’m doing away with immediate reactions and all rituals (unless they are “story rituals” require only a standard action. I have more on this system of mine but I’ll post it later when the details are clearer.

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