It’s true that Trevor was/is in fact a GM as this quick flashback shows us (and it was fun to draw old school Trevor too) and we’ll see more on this later. Right now, it looks like Jeanie has had enough of their bickering.

This is a callback to a joke from Year One of d20Monkey and it still makes me laugh to this day. It was also the first appearance of Randall “Deadorcs” Walker as Vampire Jesus. Randall is good people and you may recognize his name as he is the gentleman gamer who wrote the foreword for my first book, d20Monkey: First Edition. You can find Randall on Twitter right here.

This week witnesses the arrival of the first episode of the d20Monkey: After Dark podcast as well. The show is hosted by myself and Matt “NotanNPC” Roberts and from what we are hearing from folks, the first episode is well received. We had to cut the episode short as the night we recorded, Nashville was hit with heavy storms but there is plenty of content to check out. You can find the episode right here! If you like it, let us know by liking it and/or shooting any comments or questions to d20MonkeyAD at gmail dot com. Woooo!

And speaking of the Dungeon Master’s Union, I recently ordered a restock on these tees and they are in the store, ready for the DM/GM in your life.