Have you guys seen Kingdoms of Amalur (or played the demo) yet?

Holy shit, I did and I have to say it scratches the right itch. Fast gameplay, pretty graphics, and an interesting story (based on what the demo provided)?

Sign me up.

It does not hurt that R.A. Salvatore is the mind behind the story and Todd “look at my balls” McFarland is behind some of the design work. Say what you will about Todd, this game looks great. From what I’ve read, the studio is going for a God of War meets Oblivion feel and I believe they are on the right track. Sure, the weapons are huge, the action is over the top, and I’m willing to bet someone gets laid but there are days when you need a game that does not take itself too seriously. Bulletstorm was a good example of this.

With KoA, it’s been a while since I got so into a demo and genuinely felt a little sad when it ended. Like Sinatra, it left me wanting more.