Every once in a while someone will tell me that this group of gamers are “far too reasonable” at times. Whenever I read that comment (or something close to it) I think about it for a little while, but I always remember that this group of friends and gamers are based experiences from my life. I do not mean that in a 100-percent-literal sense but sure, some of the characters and moments are based on real-life experiences. For the most part, these characters and their time around the table are based on the feeling I have when I sit at the table. I have experienced sessions with jerks and people who I did not completely jell, leading to a less-than-great-experience (let’s call one of those people… Walt) but I have been lucky enough to play with a long list of wonderful people. For me, this group represents what I want to see in the world of gaming. Sure, there will be times when characters disagree. There will be times when they get annoyed with each other. There will be Brett. Despite these moments, everyone at this table respects each other and I think that is what matters the most. Characters can disagree. Players can disagree. At the end of it, when the session is over, you are packing up your dice, and discussing the game over the last pieces of pizza, respect and friendship keep groups together.

So if this group of friends seem too reasonable at times for your taste, understand that I choose the quality over quantity approach and that with these characters I am presenting the world I want to see. Games make us happy and bring people together. That is the world I want to present to you.