This comic led to a Google image search that I will never forget and also leads into the beginning of an arc of sorts dealing with Sam’s eyesight (or apparent lack thereof). I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

Calgary Expo is happening this weekend and the magic of analytic tells me that I have a lot of Monkeyheads in Canada (Monkeyheads? We’ll try that one on for a little while…maybe…) who might dig the show. Everyone tells me Calgary Expo is the show and I guess the cast of Star Trek:TNG agrees, as they’ll be there too!

Do you know who else will be there? DRAGON CHOW DICEBAGS, THAT’S WHO! Yep, Geeky Lyndsay and Chompy are storming into the Expo with racks full of kick ass dicebags for gamers of every walk of life. Fantasy? Sci-fi? Longcats? Dragon Chow has it all (including a few d20monkey bags). So drop by her booth and say hello to Lyndsay (if you REALLY like her, you’ll bring her a bag of Combos… Pizzeria flavor!).

(The boys in legal tell me that Lyndsay is closing her online store on Thursday for the Expo and should reopen no later than Tuesday)