I tried a few new things with regards to style and effects (such as the word balloons decreasing in size as the darkness crept in). I hope I conveyed the ideas clearly.

Aside from the style exercises, I have a feeling this will be one of those comics that sticks with me for a while.

I’ve mentioned this before: It’s been a rough year. I’ve had more than one occasion where I felt exactly the same way Sam feels in the first 3 panels. The world has a way of crashing in around you. I wish we all had a power like The Narrative to tap into when things look their darkest but the truth is we don’t. We have to find our own ways of getting through the dark times. It’s easy for some folks. For others, it is a constant struggle. We’re all wired differently. For me working on this comic, gaming, and making folks laugh are a few of the tools I use keep the bad times at bay. It’s not always super effective but I am grateful to have such things.

I hope you take something from today if you’re feeling down. Live a little vicariously through Sam. Sam’s had a rough go for a while now and beginning today, things start to turn in a new direction for him. I hope you enjoy where that direction leads.

If you’re new here and not familiar with The Narrative, you can read up about it in this comic.

See you on Monday!