Ah, December is here. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating: I’m a whore for Christmas.

It’s true. I love the holidays. I love the lights, the carols, wrapping gifts, and the general feeling of good will you get from most folks. Call me a chump for falling into the Christmas spirit but there it is. I guess that’s why Brett loves Christmas so much. Even in the times that I do not have the Christmas cheer, Brett does.

Long-time readers (or folks who recently caught up on the archives) know that Brett loves Christmas. So much so that he fought for it.

Today’s comic begins the Christmas story arc. Brett’s Mom debuts today as well. Miss Tucker is a character who went through several designs and redesigns before today. If I do a collection someday, I’ll make sure to include the sketches in the bonus material. She’ll be around for a good portion of this arc. I like her and I hope you will too.

I have to say, I’ve been excited about this arc for a while now. I just hope I can deliver.

See you on Monday.