This week is dedicated to bunkering down and finishing up several projects (Kickstarter commissions, freelance work, etc.) to clear out my schedule and allow time for me to build a little buffer on the next arc. I reached out to several cartoonists whose work I enjoy and thus far the comics look great. I think you’ll be happy with their take on the d20Monkeyverse.

Today brings the winner of the September Obsidian Portal Caption Contest. If you’re unfamiliar with these, I draw a comic and then you the readers caption it over in the comments section. Then, the OP staff and I choose a winner who receives fabulous prizes. It’s good fun. In fact, the fall contest is running right now so you should drop in and write an entry.

Speaking of dropping in, did you know d20Monkey has a fan page? It totally does, filled with sexy, sexy people.