IT HAPPENED!  (read more)

Do you know what the hardest part is about doing comics like this? It’s reading (or hearing) all of you screaming, begging for Samy to be a thing, to be official, and knowing what is coming without spoiling it. I want to scream OMG IT’S HAPPENING SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! Just as much as you do.

What does this mean? Well, it looks like Sam and Amy are going to start dating and let me tell you, if the comics I have written ahead hold up, this should be good times. A few commenters have expressed their displeasure or concern over this turn of events, as Amy has not been a major character in this comic up until now. To be honest, that is kind of the point. Amy makes no secret about her attraction to Sam. She knows who she is, loves herself, and knows what she wants. Whether this is a just fling or it leads to something long-term, it’s time for Sam to move on and and maybe find a little swag (yeah, I know that word but it fits in this context). In my experience, attraction and relationships seem to function on their own weird sense of time. It’s like fucked up Dr. Who logic. Some are quick, some are slow.

Thank you Lisa for looking over this comic before I posted it. Sometimes when I stare at dialogue for too long I start to doubt it. This one is important to me for several reasons so wanted to make sure it held up.

Update: Several folks asked me for a phone wallpaper of the 3rd panel in todays comic so here is a link or your clicking pleasure.