You haven’t seen Jeda’s hands until now…

Today we learn the actual name of Trevor’s character (Kel’Fazat), a little more about the lore of mages in Karthun, and the scope of the task at hand.

Mages are bound to elementals, spirits, or Djinn through ritual. The process is permanent and there is a bit of a taboo or misunderstanding with the entire lore, as you’ve seen already and perpetuated by mages like Qesh’Nax who are bound to evil beings. Both caster and being influence decisions and you may notice that some (like Kel) refer to themselves as “we” rather than “I”.

We’ll see more on mages as the series goes but I will go ahead and let everyone know that Kel’Fazat is bound to an air elemental.

The story continues on Friday.