One more post of concept work to hold you over while I freelance this week. I cleaned up and added color to a few sketches and I thought you might like to see them with the Karthun Kickstarter in it’s final days.

Today I present the patron race of Elinar, The Goddess of music, light, and beauty: The Illyn (Eye-line) and their estranged siblings, The Diminished.

Elinar and Valkyre (now the Mother of the Dead) were once sisters. Technically they still are but when Sehad was attacked and left for dead, Elinar was the first to discover Sehad moments from death. The Lady of Light did everything within her power to save Sehad but she was too late. Valkyre arrived moments after Sehad’s final breathe, falling into a grief-driven rage and accusing Elinar of incompetence and jealousy over she and Sehad’s love. Elinar pleaded with her sister to see reason but Valkyre’s rage boiled over and she attacked her sister, scarring her face badly (scars she still carries) and swearing a promise of vengeance on The Lady of Light that The Mother of the Dead still intends to fulfill someday.

The new arc begins on Monday and we’ll be back on schedule.