Another IGS arc ends…

I hate to see this one wrap up as I could honestly extend this story for several months but there comes a time when I have to stop and get back to the cast proper. If the day comes when this story sees print in a collection, I may have to go back in and add extra strips in-between just to flesh out/clarify some aspects of the IGS lore for a more comprehensive read. I sometimes forget that while I get everything that is going on, there may be folks having an issue following along. I tried new things with this arc and everything is a learning experience.

This is the second time an Innsmouth Garden Society story ends with Sam losing a player character and Beatrice in a recovery bed. It seems to be a trend. I guess when you deal with such things, pain and loss is to be expected but I like to believe Professor Brant found a measure of happiness in the end (a rare thing when the mythos is involved). Amy will have Beatrice to play again in the future thanks to Sam’s (Professor Brant’s) sacrifice.

As for the Librarian and Caretaker? They will return. For now, they too live out their lives (un-lives) in a measure of peace, together in Witch Hour Hall, helping the IGS in their work.

For some it seems, not even death can keep them apart and I think that is a good thought to end this arc on.

Back to the cast on Wednesday.