If this comic makes it to someone at DC Comics I’ll consider it a small victory.

It’s true that the DCU reboots has it’s share of ups and downs. As a diehard DC guy, there are parts of the reboot that I absolutely love while other titles struggle or outright offend with this “new reader” movement. I speak of the shit storm swirling around Red Hood and the Outlaws, specifically the rebooted Starfire. Simply put she’s an amnesiac sex prop with huge tits and no emotional or moral connection to any of the human sex bags she beds to overcome her crushing alien boredom. I’m not kidding.

There is no shortage of folks voicing their opinions on the subject of the new Starfire, the near sex-scene in Catwoman, and the heightened sexuality present in several of the new DCU titles. This is a hot-button issue for a lot of people and from what I’ve observed the comic ladies of the world are taking exception to this turn of events. Rightfully so, if I may say so. I know I’m just a stinky boy but if I was a lady and I loved comics I’d be pissed the fuck off.

On the subject, I’ll spare you all a long-winded speech or rant on the subject and simply say this:

I am okay with comic characters having sex. Whether I see it or don’t see it depends on the rating of the book. Vertigo title? It’s titties and F-bombs. Good deal. If it’s a mainstream title like Batman or Catwoman, you might want to watch it a little closer. Out-of-touch Mom buys her little girl a Catwoman comic not knowing borderline Bat Dick is waiting for little Susie inside and when she catches it days or weeks later, you just lost another new reader.

A majority of comics are written for young adult to adult readers and have been for a while. Am I okay with DC taking one of the few positive role-models for young ladies (meaning Starfire’s previous incarnation) and turning her into a galactic hood rat? Fuck no. I’m not. Some young ladies have trouble finding a character to identify with and follow. By doing this to Starfire, you just made it a little harder. Good job with that and your bullshit “new reader friendly” P.R spin.

DC. I really like what you’re doing with some of the new DCU but you need to take a step back and get your shit under control. Dan Didio pisses off enough people on his own. He comes across as a sleazy used car salesman who treats readers like horse shit at conventions (I’ve seen it). He doesn’t need help from you alienating all of the readers.


COMMENTERS: Are you reading any of the new DCU 52?