Sorry for the evening post, but this is a big page. It looks like the King of Seasons is back…

In the foreground of the Holiday Ball panel we have Brett’s Mom and Dad as well as a few Mantlebearers.

Krampus – We all know him and he has appeared (and thrown down) with Brett.

Maude Calhoun – Flag Day. She represents every Flag Day, carries a quiver of flags for each country, and can speak the languages of every nation she carries a flag for.

Bernard – The current Groundhog Day Mantlebearer.

Cecil Matthews – Tax Day. Yep, Tax Day has a Mantlebearer. His mantle gives him a supernatural comprehension of mathematics, tax laws, and spreadsheets.

June Juarez – Armed Forces Day. June’s uniform pulls elements from each of the branches of the armed forces. She is the newest (youngest) of all of the Mantlebearers, having only taken the mantle in 2013.