I know new comics are posting around the morning or midday lately and I apologize for that. My Mac is going downhill and I having issues lately that is slowing my workflow down considerably (I actually had to redraw this strip from the beginning due to a crash and corrupt situation). This Mac has been great to me but it is slow and dying, so I am working to save the cash for a new Mac. In the meantime, I will do my best to keep the updates posting.

I think most folks saw this coming but I am excited to present stories with Jeanie stepping into the role of a sword and sorcery GM again with Sam joining the group as a player. Fun times ahead.

Speaking of Sam, his issues are not the sort of thing to be “fixed” by the end of an arc. His struggle with opening up, getting help, and depression will be an ongoing element in d20Monkey for many, many days to come. He will have good days. He will have bad days.