Randall Walker (aka Deadorcs) makes his second cameo in today’s comic with a very special message to con-goers as Gen Con looms on the horizon: Take a damn shower.

This is a message I believe all of us (at least the ones who observe hygiene) can get behind. I love Gen Con but damn. Some of the attendees take the “Four Days of Gaming” a little too literally. Regardless, I am getting geared up for the con and cannot wait to meet some of you. I’ll be the guy in the flaming d20 shirt saying “horse shit” a lot.

In other news, I have the first print available in the online store!!!!

Again, it is a message I think we can all get behind but I’ll let the art speak for itself. I hope you guys dig it and agree that it is a great addition to any game room, office, or cubicle wall.