Today’s comic features an appearance by Iddy the Lich, official mascot of RPG blogger/interviewer The Id DM.

Id is like the rest of us: He’s a guy (or Lich) who loves to play and talk games while offering up helpful pieces of advice for DMs new and old alike. In addition to blogging, Id also conducts interviews with folks whom he find interesting and I have to say, I’ve enjoyed his “guests” thus far.

Id also interviewed me recently, asking questions about the comic, the process, inspiration, and the deep, dark secrets of d20monkey. If getting to know me a little more is something that you’re into, head over and check out the interview here. I had a great time with the process and there are some things there you may not expect. As much as I like to make the joke, I’m not all dick jokes and D&D.

See you on Friday (with the beginning of a new story arc)