Hey look! Sam’s therapist, Iddy the Lich. Iddy has appear before right here and I like continuity.

No doubt Sam’s feelings on 4e and Essentials will strike folks differently. He made the choice after Barrier Peaks to do his own thing, rather than play test D&D Next. Most of what he says, like much of Sam’s dialogue, is my own voice but with the volume turned up.

I did some early D&D Next play testing and I’ll be honest, I LOVED the very first draft of the game. It was fast, fun, and super easy to play. My personal concern is that the game will become too convoluted again. After a few packets worth of play, I opted out to focus on consistent game play with Pathfinder and soon, Karthun. Once the Next books hit shelves, I will be there with cash, ready to read it.

With that, Sam’s line about wanting to say “I play D&D” is straight from me. I love Pathfinder and what I am writing for Karthun but there is just something about saying “I play D&D” without the explanations afterwards. But that’s just my feeling.

As for the arc, Trevor, Charlie, and Donnie are on their way to pick up Sam so we’ll see more on Charlie’s career on Monday.

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