Rolly the Rowl makes his triumphant return with a new nugget of wisdom.

Treading into the land of Non-Disclosure is a difficult process for some people. Especially if the product/material in question gets you excited. It’s easy to rip on something we do not like but it’s more difficult to keep quiet about something you are truly looking forward to.

I’ve been involved with playtesting in the past and it is always a fun experience. The newness of it all, the raw files, and the feeling that your input is helping to shape the game to come. Such was the case with the 3rd-edition playtest. It was a great feeling to see suggestions submitted by the groups taken seriously by the designers and implemented into the final game. I have a feeling the D&D Next playest will be a great example of this as well. As I mentioned last week, the WotC crew seem to be working hard to pull back the curtain and let us all in.

To the other playtesters out there I say this: Listen to Rolly.

Also, I highly suggest you read this fantastic post from David Flor of Darklight Interactive. It’s a very good read.