By now you may be asking yourself why I am presenting a strip based on Gamma World. To be honest, I know I have a storyline running in the strip at this point and rest assured we will return to Sam, Charlie, and Brett’s (reluctant) search for new gamers to join their group but on Monday I was put onto a new site and blogger via the magic of Twitter.

@geeksdreamgirl operates a cool website featuring something that many gamers secretly know they need a helpful hand with: Dating. Now before you jump to any conclusions, what makes @geeksdreamgirl interesting is the bend of producing an online dating site specifically for gamers. Speaking as a guy who met his wife online, I can attest to the success of online dating but I will be honest, it would have been awesome to look at ads for geek girls and pick up some friendly advice on how to write that first online dating profile. In addition to the dating discussion, the site also featured gaming discussion as well.

This week @geeksdreamgirl and Gator Games ( are running an awesome contest called Gamma-ween. The rules are pretty straight forward: Follow the link below to her site and create a halloween themed Gamma World character. The winner receives a copy of the new Gamma World Role-Playing Game.

Check it out.

As you may have guessed, my submission features a certain half-cat / half-candy corn mutant featured in today’s strip.

— Brian