Brett keeps hoping. He actually buys the banners and confetti in bulk just to be ready.

I’m sorry for the lack of post on Friday but I spent Thursday evening working on a few projects to help friends and jumped into the comic later than usual. I planned to post Friday afternoon but then on Friday morning I read that someone else did nearly the exact comic I was working on. So, I scrapped it and opted to let the day pass and work ahead a little bit.

Saturday, I had a few friends over to take part in Tabletop Day and it was a lot of fun. I’ve picked up several new board games over the past few months and Saturday gave me the opportunity to try a pair: King of Tokyo and The Adventurers.

I plan to write proper reviews for both games (that is a thing I’m going to get back into in the coming weeks/months) but I’ll give you the quick version: They are both outstanding. King of Tokyo is an awesome family game and The Adventurers brings out a special brand of tension and vindictiveness. I’ll expand on this later.

As for d20monkey, Wednesday brings the death of Vella…