Brett’s sentence as a Dead Man Walking (in Dread rule terms) finally drops on his character’s head. The shit be gettin’ real and we’re on the fast track to the story climax (and immediate resolution…).

Late last week I launched the Kickstarter for d20Monkey: Volume One and I am truly and honestly floored by the response to the campaign. Thanks to all of you, the campaign reached the funding goal within a few days and rolled on to hit the first stretch goal as well. I hope this doesn’t sound humble-braggy. I do not want to sound like that. I am just so grateful that all of you believe in me and d20monkey enough to drop your hard-earned dollars to make this book (and the rewards) happen. In addition to the reward packages, I have a few stretch goals such as a new signed/numbered Innsmouth Garden Society print (this one is CONFIRMED NOW!), a d20Monkey GM Screen, an Innsmouth Garden Society hardback, and a bells & whistles, full-color PDF packet for the d20monkey Adventure Game (I’ve been talking about this on Twitter for a while and it is ready to hit the play test stage).

I love this comic and I love making all of you laugh as often as I can. A day will come when I can do this full-time and possessing the opportunity to make First Edition happen is a huge step in that direction. Again, all thanks to you.

If you are so inclined, you can click the image below to see where the campaign stands.