FULL-DISCLOSURE: I seem to have come down with a stomach bug so my post today will be a bit abbreviated.

This comic came to mind a little while back (in the midst of the recent Pop’s story arc). In case you hadn’t heard, the D&D Next hotline is a legit thing to help out playtesters get their heads around the new rule set. Additionally, I’ve wanted to feature Robert J Schwalb and Greg Bilsland in a comic for a while and this is just one of those times when it worked out. I have a list actually.

As for the group’s foray Beyond the Barrier Peaks, we’ll see more of that later on. I am trying out the idea of sessions carrying over (as they tend to do in real life) through a few arcs.

COMMENTERS: Who would you like to see appear in the comic and/or which creators would you like to see possibly step into the guest driver’s seat (as I plan for GenCon vacation).