There was a technical issue with Friday’s post and by the time I made it home that night I decided to hold it over until Monday. I have a lot of projects coming up related to both comics and gaming that I am DYING to tell folks about but these damn NDA’s. I should have some pretty bad ass things to announce soon!

I have one more comic in this small arc revolving around Sam’s new glasses and then the group will be rolling into another D&D session (presumably with Mel introducing her new bard character) that will set the tone of their gaming exploits rolling into the new D&D open playtest.

I took some time last week to catch up on David Willis’s Dumbing of Age comic and it never disappoints. David launched the Kickstarter for the Dumbing of Age Book 1 collection and the tier rewards are pretty damn sweet. Give it a look and kick David a few bucks. You will not regret it.

See you on Wednesday!