Did you guys hear about the new version of Wiz-War coming from Fantasy Flight Games? I have to tell you, I am VERY excited to pick up a copy when it is released.

Wiz-War is an old school game that is/was hailed as the original “beer and pretzels game”. Here, take a look at the Wiki listing for it if you’re not familiar.

I’ve been on a bit of a board game kick as of late and it’s no surprise that many of the games on my wish list come from Fantasy Flight Games. Honestly, if you take a look at their design philosophy and staggeringly impressive production values it is easy to see why. As I mentioned a while back, Gears of War is simply fantastic.

This year I intend to do more product reviews. Why? Well, judging by emails and twitter and such folks seem to value my two-cents when it comes to games and if I can steer someone to a great new game (or save them a few bucks on a box of crap) I am happy to do so. This may offend or anger some publishers but so be it. Sorry guys, if it’s shit, I am going to tell you it’s shit. On the bright side, there are FAR more good games out there than bad games.

See you on Wednesday!