Today brings the end of the d20monkey: First Edition Kickstarter campaign and to say that I am grateful to everyone who pledged, linked, shared, or talked about the campaign to make it what it is would be a gross understatement. There’s no punchline here, no self-depricating comments, or deflection. Each and every one of you made this possible and exceeded EVERY expectation I had going into the campaign. I thought First Edition would fund. I thought it would take most of the time but it would get to the goal and all would be well. Sure, I researched the stretch goals just in case (and I’m glad I did) but I did not expect to hit them. As I said in an update to the backers, I thought the Adventure Game stretch goal at 16k fucking dollars was super ambitious but you blew all of my stretch goals out of the water with days left.

I teared up when the project funded. I’ve teared up a few times and I don’t care how that sounds, it’s the truth. Do you realize your support is making my dream of doing d20monkey full-time that much more of a reality? Your pledges and support have directly affected my future and the future of d20monkey. I will NEVER be able to thank you enough. Never.

Thank you all so much for believing in me and my little comic of gaming, geeks, and dick jokes.

– Brian