Don’t worry, like Sam said, the group is coming back “tomorrow night” which is my way of setting up the group rolling back into Karthun. I love long-form/in-character arcs these days but I do these little breaks just to take a breather (especially if my freelance schedule is packed) as the in-character arc tend to draw the double/triple comics out of me.

That said, Karthun resumes next week and I’m hitting the ground running.

And hey, I am super excited about A Game of Thrones firing back up soon. It’s a great show if you haven’t seen it yet and any excuse to draw something from that world make me pretty happy (see the first panel of this comic).

COMMENTERS: How does the book to show translation sit with you? Try to keep it non spoiler if at all possible for folks reading or catching up. Do you like the show overall?