UPDATE: I went back in today and tweaked a few things that bugged me art-wise (and a few others from what I read). I also forgot to add Pop’s Dungeon Master tattoo. I really need to stop pushing on comics at 2-3 in the morning and get it right the first time.

It’s Friday and a new d20monkey comic appears!

The argument of old school vs. new school is one I’ve tried to stay away from over the years but it is a discussion that seems to be popping up more lately with D&D Next harkening back to earlier editions of the game. Personally, I say just play what makes you happy.

This is the first comic in a long while where I have really enjoyed writing for Mel. Most folks know/realize that Mel was originally based on my ex-wife and given all of that, she was difficult to draw and write for a while. I’ve missed having her voice in the strip and given the developments with she and Grey, I’m looking forward to having her around

The story continues on Monday.

Also, did you know d20monkey has an online store? IT’S TRUE!